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We Are 7

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Who Are WA7?

We Are Seven is a songwriting production duo created by Femke Weidema and Jessica Sharman.

With both Grammys, gold discs and #1 records to their name, the pair wanted to create a better way to get great songs written, produced and placed with artists who want to write music to change the world.

They wanted to set a company that wants to help artists navigate the stormy seas of the current music industry and with their connections, help create relationships between creatives and show that the business side of music doesn’t have to be cut throat.

A short time later, WA7 was born. 

Named after the mere 7% of women currently working in the music industry, WA7 stands for inclusivity, opportunity and a cast-iron belief that the more diverse our industry, the better we all become.

So get in touch, we'd love to hear from you, whoever you are.


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